Leo y el lobo: La guardiana del bosque
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What is "Leo and the Wolf"?

Leo and the Wolf - The Forest Guardian is a novel published in 2016, and created by Óscar Lozano García, where he tells the adventure of a brave boy immersed in a dark and truculent story that runs hundreds of kilometers from his home. Intrepid, funny and fascinating, Leo and the wolf becomes the first work of this young author.

Synopsis of Leo and the Wolf

Leonardo (Leo) and his little sister Elsa have been orphaned by a tragic accident suffered by their parents. Now Elena, her aunt, a vehement and extraordinary veterinarian who lives hundreds of miles away, is her only family. She welcomes her almost unknown nephews, giving them a new life in a lost town; So lost as to be suspicious of preserving their fantastic and silenced secrets. Until one day Leo, trapped by the magnetism of a strange forest, enters the heart of his own mystery, where he stumbles upon a singular young wolf. Together they embark on the search for a dark being for countless corners of that magical land.

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